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Kolhapur Bhatkanti - Kolhapur , Panhala, Jyotiba

Welcome to Kolhapur!

Kolhapur is a city situated in the southwest part of the state of Maharashtra, India. Kolhapur serves as the headquarters of the Kolhapur district. Before Independence, it was a 19 gun salute princely state ruled by the royal Bhosale Chhatrapatis of the Maratha Empire. Kolhapur assumes a place amongst the cities having highest per capita income in the country and it's one of the fastest growing cities in Maharashtra.The survey conducted in 2011–12 clearly showed that Kolhapur district has per capita income (yearly) of Rs. 101,044 which is 5th highest in Maharashtra state and there has been an increase of Rs. 17,000 as compared to the earlier survey conducted in year 2010–11.

'Kolhapur' is the fourth city in the Maharashtra state after Mumbai, Pune and Nashik where Maharashtra State government has allowed to construct high rise buildings up to 35 meters taking into consideration of rapid urbanization and tremendous growth of this city. Kolhapur is known as 'Dakshin (south) Kashi', 'historical capital of Maharashtra state', 'door of Konkan' as well as 'city of wrestlers ' and 'city of arts'. It is also known as a 'city of palaces and temples'. Kolhapur is situated on the banks of the river Panchganga and is the location of the Temple of Mahalakshmi, a Hindu goddess. - Wiki

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